Independent Resellers

Why Become An Independent Reseller?

Partnering with MGP is a win-win.


If you help people improve their nutrition, — or if you’re looking for ways to make more money — then the MGP Reseller / Ambassador Program is for you.


Our reseller program helps you make money, build a business, help people with nutrition and become a leader in healthy living by offering nutritious on-the-go meals at affordable prices.

How It Works

Partner Resources for Success


Get started.

Complete this form, then we’ll call to set up your reseller account and discuss how to reach your goals.


Get up to speed.

Learn how MGP can help people become healthier, eat better and save money by tapping into our tools, training, and support.


Get paid.

Earn a one-time cash bonus and monthly revenue share on all products you sell.

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When you do well, we do well. That’s why MGP offers our successful resellers a range of exclusive, partner-specific resources, including:


  • Turn-key sales solutions and professional marketing tools

  • Reseller website with eCommerce store

  • Business-in-a-box tools

  • An expert Account Manager dedicated to your business

  • Client hub to manage all your clients in one place

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