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It is our mission to create delicious recipes for today’s busy lifestyles. MyGourmet Tuna products are prepared to provide customers the convenience and ability to make a variety of delicious meals in minutes.

We offer 5 products: Celery and Relish, Rosemary & Sun-Dried Tomato, Tuna Salad, Mild Spicy, and Jalepeno & Chunky Tomato.

Ingredients and Manufacturing

My Gourmet is committed to using quality fish and the freshest ingredients in all MyGourmet Tuna varieties. We forbid the use of MSG, and we closely monitor the mercury levels in the types of fish we use. My Gourmet only uses smaller, skipjack and yellowfin tuna to reduce mercury levels.

We also understand the impact that fishing can have on dolphins. We assure our customers and resellers that we have a dolphin-safe fishing policy.

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If you're interested in becoming a Retailer partner with MyGourmet Products, feel free to call our offices. We can discuss pricing, product availability, and ways in which MyGourmet products can help your business grow.


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