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At My Gourmet Products, we understand the impact commercial fishing can have on dolphins. This is why we have a dolphin-safe fishing policy. Our products are 100% dolphin-safe and we don't allow the use of drift nets or purse seine nets on dolphins.


We are certified by the National Marine Fishery Service and Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission.

However, we don't think just protecting dolphins is enough. We are actively supporting and promoting ocean conservation efforts!


We believe everyone can work to protect the ocean and marine wildlife, and we are proud to do our part. There are many things we can do to help protect our oceans. Some things we all need to remember to do are reducing our carbon footprint, reduce energy consumption, making safe and sustainable seafood choices, use fewer plastic products, and by avoiding purchase of items that exploit marine life. Also, when on a beach and notice trash please pick it up. If everyone followed these commonsense practices, we would make great strides towards cleaning up our oceans. 

We can also continue to educate ourselves about the ocean and marine life and how the activities of our human race is contributing to pollution. The more we understand how our actions impact our oceans the better we can work to save them. Please consider getting involved, volunteering or making charitable donations to appropriate conservation groups.

My Gourmet Products partners with the Ocean Conservancy and we donate 1% of our gross sales to the Ocean Conservancy group.

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Ocean Conservancy is a leading advocacy group working for the protection of special marine habitats, the restoration of sustainable fisheries and reducing the human impact on ocean ecosystems. The organization was founded in 1972 and was initially known as the Delta Conservancy and then later the Center for Environmental Education and the Center for Marine Conservation. In order to save our oceans, the group focuses on educating the public and advocating for policy changes for maintaining vibrant ocean wildlife.


One of Ocean Conservancy’s best-known efforts is the International Coastal Cleanup program. The annual cleanups bring millions of volunteers all over the world together to collect and document the trash littering coastlines.

Please check out their website, make a donation, and join conservation efforts to help save our oceans. 

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