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Sheet Pan Sourdough Tuna Melts

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

That’s right. Sheet Pan Sourdough Tuna Melts. A quick and easy comfort food recipe before I delve into the yearly December extravaganza! It’s not technically December yet so I figured taking one more day before the holiday palooza begins was totally acceptable. I have to have some serious sustenance and a delightfully full stomach before launching into the cookie baking/brownie fudging/pot roast slow cooking of the holiday season youknowwhatimean? ????.

Anyhoo, if you’ve been around long enough, you might recognize this recipe from almost two years ago! Whew! How time flies. Well I can say, I’m still a massive tuna melt lover, with pickles and a side of fries please. So it was about time I up’ed the ante and improved my sourdough cheddar cheese tuna melt into the wonderous Sheet Pan Sourdough Tuna Melts! They still taste just the way Mom used to make them for my sister and I ☺, and of course ooze with cheddar cheese. However, they do have a brand new addition of some slices of provolone. The golden rule? More cheese is always better (obviously).

Written by Aberdeen

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